Oud Oil Extraction Process

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What is oud and how is it made?

Oud oils were famous in Asian countries due to their medicinal and therapeutic qualities. The immense benefits of oud oils and oud products have made them a popular, premium product in the West.
The oud oils are obtained from a particular type of wood called Agarwood. Agarwood trees are native to Southeast Asia. They are very popular due to the rare resin they produce, whose special fragrance may be distilled and extracted.


How do Agarwood trees produce fragrance?

Not all Agarwood trees produce oud fragrances. The resin responsible for forming the unique fragrances is created when an insect penetrates a tree, leaving it vulnerable to the outer air and fungi.
A specific type of fungus, when it infects the tree and lives there for a long time and produces resin. These resins then produce a specific odor, which is distilled and extracted to produce oud oil. The tree must remain infected by the fungus for 8-12 years; only then will it be able to create that magnificent fragrance people desire for their collection.


Types of Oud Extraction Process

Water Distilled Oud Oil Extraction Process

Pure OUD specializes in all extraction methods. In the water distillation method, Agarwood chips are soaked in water, and then the water is boiled in huge broilers. The temperature is kept low to avoid overheating so that the true essence of the oud oil remains intact.
Once the steam forms in the broilers, the steam molecules are removed and condensed, leaving the oil behind. Once the distillation process is complete and the condensed material is cooled down, the leftover oil is extracted from the water, and pure oud oil is obtained.
The water distilled extraction method is most common in Asian countries but also performed in other countries. It is the easiest oud extraction process but takes more time to obtain results as compared to more modern processes.



Steam Distilled Oud Oil Extraction Process

If you are looking for 100% pure oud oil, steam distillation oud extraction is the best practice. It is the quickest method for agarwood oud extraction, and highly popular.
In this process, the agarwood material is kept in a broiler and passed through steam. Hot steam makes the aroma molecules of the agarwood chips open, allowing them to leave the plant and mix with the steam. The steam containing these aroma molecules is then passed on to another container where they are condensed and kept cool.
Once the mixture is cool, the oil is mixed with water, making it easily separable from any impurity. The water remains below, and the oud oil comes to the top, allowing the extractors to remove it easily. Hence, the purest form of oud oil is obtained.
Oud essential oil obtained from such a method is also used in aromatherapy and massage therapy. These oils are highly beneficial in therapies, as they relieve stress from the body and relax the mind.
When it comes to Pure oud, we are proud to follow both processes thanks to our sustainable sources.
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