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We pride ourselves on the authenticity and purity of our perfumes.

Pure Oud UK is a pioneer in the industry and one of the top oud perfume sellers in the UK.

The uniqueness of Agarwood has always fascinated us. Agarwood is one of the most sought after and expensive woods across the globe. Its resin excretes the most potent fragrances once distilled and is more exclusive than gold in its value.

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Pure Oud Extraction Process

The Agarwood tree is infected with a special fungus that triggers the defense mechanism inherent in it. The tree, then, produces an oily dark resin which alters the odour, color, and composition of the tree. A skilled artisan removes the unusable wood and soaks the resinous agarwood to prepare it for distillation. We distill high-quality oud oils to extract the finest quality fragrances for you. Our products are exclusive in their quality and elusive in the impact they leave!

Agarwood Cultivation

Agarwood is an endangered tree species, with special restrictions on its trade and usage. We believe in protecting this precious resource, and thus take extra efforts towards the sustainability of our Agarwood cultivation. By ensuring biodiversity surrounding our trees, we use nature itself to fight against diseases and harmful fungi. Each tree we plant is monitored for years. We pledge to protect our trees and provide only the finest quality oud products to our customers!

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