Pure Oud Sample Pack
Experiment with our Rare Oud Fragrances to Find Your Own

Pure Oud Sample Pack

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Not sure which Oud fragrance is right for you? No worries!

Order the Pure Oud Sample Pack, which includes samples from all three of our Oud Oils: Indonesian, Indian and Thai. At a discounted price, too!

Please Note
As we are determined to supply oud in its purest form, we are unable to change or adapt this natural occurring scent. Therefore, if you are unfamiliar with this fragrance, we strongly recommend you purchase a sample first. Pure oud does not necessarily smell the same as its synthetic counterpart.

The Rarest Form of Unforgettable Fragrances

They are extracted from Agarwood resins in a process that it withholds unique fragrances enlightening one's mood and soul. Oud oils hold a sacred and essential role in the history of few religions. It has been discussed in Buddhism, the hadith, the bible, and even Sanskrit scripts so it also holds a sentimental value for some people.

Unforgettable Oud Fragrance

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